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Lockheed Martin contracted with Miller Technology Group to create a test lab for the Orion Crew Module´s flight software.  Our responsibilities included:

  • planning/scheduling resources needed (including power, air conditioning, floor space, equipment, networks and labor)
  • writing requirements
  • creating the design integrating the lab with the hardware, flight and simulator software, multiple PCs with various operating systems and several types of bus networks
  • certifying the lab was ready
  • operating and maintaining the lab for the program

In troubleshooting and verifying the lab, we learned how to visualize the data as it flowed throughout the system, using such tools as oscilloscope, wireshark, Ethernet sniffers, Goebelyzer, simulation monitoring and flight telemetry.  We developed timing tests to less than 10ms, to verify that the system ran in real time, in spite of the simulated components.

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Photo credit: NASA

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