Miller Technology Group - Solutions that Soar
Miller Technology Group - Solutions that Soar


Staffing Solutions

Miller Technology Group is dedicated to providing quality engineering expertise and programming services for clients with unique requirements.  Our mission is to provide the right person with the right qualifications for your project.  All of our team members have between 5 and 30 years of aerospace experience.

We have what it takes for project success:

  • Experience in government/NASA projects
  • Dedication to mission success
  • Highly motivated engineers, programmers and support staff
  • Rigorous timekeeping and accounting procedures
  • Competitive overhead rates
  • Reliable employment and security practices
  • Government cost accounting

We design and implement:

  • Software
  • Testing and verification tools
  • System engineering requirements, design and verification
  • Integration of spacecraft software
  • Embedded and non-embedded software and simulation tools

Engineering Services

System Engineering

Flight and Ground Operations

Software Engineering

Test and Verification Engineering

Test Labs

Orion Crew Vehicle
Photo credit: NASA

Orion Crew Vehicle
Photo credit: NASA/Tony Landis





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