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Software Engineering

Miller Technology Group is known for our software capabilities.  This is our natural environment, and one where we excel. 

We can provide

  • flight software
  • ground software
  • performance analysis tools

We understand the challenges of real-time operating systems and are disciplined in requirements, configuration management and documentation.

We have experience in

  • distributed, fault-tolerant architectures
  • resource management
  • embedded system security
  • expertise in multiple operating systems, such as VxWorks, and with multiple CPUs, such as RAD6000, RAD750, PowerQUICC, and PowerPC e500. 

For flight software, we have written, tested or operated all subsystems and software components, including

  • navigation and control
  • clock timing using an ultra-stable oscillator
  • thermal control of a space vehicle
  • landing radar feedback and control 

For ground software, we have implemented command and telemetry decoding software and are currently working to implement ground system components for testing the Orion Crew Module.  We have written and integrated simulation software into test labs, and tested it to validate that it works the same as the hardware it replaces. 

We have also written web-based collaborative tools to integrate the development area for software programming where requirements, design, reviews and testing are all visible and interconnected. 

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Software Engineering

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