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Miller Technology Group - Solutions that Soar

Veteran Professionals at Your Service

Miller Technology Group recognizes and respects the many retired space engineers who have experience that is valuable to the industry.  That´s why we created The Grey Team™, a resource of high tech professionals who can fill temporary gaps in skills or quickly add expertise to ensure your project´s success.

These are people who have devoted their lives and careers to aerospace and who can operate as an outside consultant or fit seamlessly into your team, depending on the program's needs.  These professionals have the combination of skills and knowledge only experienced aerospace workers can provide.  They bring a special perspective to the job, offering:

  • Guidance
  • Insight
  • Dedication
  • Trustworthiness

Miller Technology Group provides our Grey Team™ the flexibility and a work environment they want at this time in their lives:

  • Adjustable schedules
  • Part-time work
  • Temporary work

It´s the perfect combination for clients who require a veteran engineer a part-time or temporary basis.  They get the help they need, and our Grey Team™ members get the opportunity they want to continue contributing to our nation´s aerospace program.





The Grey Team

Grey Team - MGS
Photo credit: NASA

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