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Our History

Michele Miller, Founder

In 1986, Michele Miller worked on her first aerospace project, as an engineer on the Magellan Venus Mapping Mission project.  That project, which included 12-hour shifts at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, culminated in the successful launch, not only of an important space mission but also of Michele´s career.

Since then, she has been involved in numerous space missions including Earth Observing System, Mars Global Surveyor Launch, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Mars Phoenix Lander.

Over time, successes and failures have taught important lessons that have sharpened and strengthened her knowledge and capabilities.

In 2003, Michele founded Miller Technology Group to meet the growing demand for highly skilled, highly motivated individuals in the aerospace industry.

Our Clients

Miller Technology Group personnel have worked with many aerospace and high-tech contractors. 

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Kennedy Space Center "Rocket Garden" - Photo Credit: NASA
Photo Credit: NASA

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